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Year 1 page

Year 1 Taster Page


We share all photos, learning links and messages on our ClassDojo platform, however this page is designed to give you a taster of the topics and activities we do in school and a few activities you may wish to try at home. 


Experiences throughout our year are linked closely to problem solving, reasoning and becoming independent thinkers and learners. Children will be involved in group work led by a teacher and a teaching assistant and independent work.


Topic work is integral to the school day and classes work on English and Maths that are linked to our topics to encourage enjoyment and a deeper understanding.


In Maths, children are given many opportunities to problem solve and apply to real life situations.

Children write for a purpose in English and read a variety of texts whilst developing what they have learned through daily phonics work.


Work is planned so that all children are given work that is at their level to ensure they are making the most progress they possibly can.


To support the work we do in school we have created some activities you can do at home. These activities are to encourage your child to continue their learning that we have been doing in school.


To send us anything you have been doing or any questions, please message us on the class dojo page. Your child also has a unique profile and can upload any work or photos on this for the class teachers to see. We LOVE to see anything you do at home so please always do share this with us on this area. 

To send us anything you have been doing or any questions, please message us on the class dojo page. Your child also has a unique area and can upload any work or photos on this for the class teachers to see. 



Can you solve these number sentences by drawing either a part whole model to help you or a bar model? 

12-3= 11-?=8 16=?-3
9-?=4 5=9-? ?-7=4
18-5= 12-8= 15-5=

Remember to use the count back skill so start on the whole number (the biggest number) and take away the part. So for example, 12-?=7 start at 12 and count back 7 12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5 the missing part is 5. 


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Watch this part first to explain the task


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Marvellous mathematics

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PE and den building day

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Aliens love underpants

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Today’s science and fitness challenge

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Maths daily challenge

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Daily challenge bulletin

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Pick up to three of these a day and see if you can complete the challenge. Look out for occasional videos from the year one teachers! Remember to email the work you do to us as we love to see what you have been up to.


Find 5 signs of spring in your garden. Draw a picture and label.

Find 10 numbers in your house greater than 20. (remember to look on food packets too)

Write a letter to Tim Peak asking him questions about his time in space.


Pick three numbers less than 10, and order them from greatest to smallest. Now try ordering smallest to greatest.

What happens if you double the numbers?

Which numbers are odd and which are even?

Write a story about an adventure in space, it could include you or your class teacher!

Write a fact about each planet. Look at the videos on the class space page to help.

How many adjectives to describe Apollo 13? E.g. shiny, fast, etc

List all the things you have done today that keep your body healthy.

How many trees can you see from your window? Can you remember which are deciduous and which are evergreen?

In a space in your house, do 10 star jumps, 10 pencil jumps, 10 squats, and practise your superman hold. Can you roll like a pencil or a teddy bear? 

Try to draw/paint your favourite planet and find some facts about it.


Can you make a timeline with your family member to find out who is the oldest person in your family? Who is the youngest?

Fill your bath or sink with a little bit of water. Can you find objects that float or sink and write a list of the ones that float and the ones that sink?

Thinking about the Easter Story and what Christians do to celebrate Easter. Can you draw pictures or write a list of the things you do at Easter?

Can you design a space rocket for Tim Peake to go in and label it?


Can you make a rocket or a space station using junk modelling (recycling)? We can’t wait to see these. 

Design some space food Tim can eat. What would be his favourite food to eat in space? 

Make a poster to convince others to recycle in our community.