Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School

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Welcome to Woodpecker’s class!    



In year 1, the children continue their learning in a similar way to the Early Years. Experiences are play based, and children will be involved in group work led by an adult. As the year progresses, we develop the organisation to include group guided work and independent work. Topic work is integral to the school day and classes work on English and Maths that are linked to our topics to encourage enjoyment and a deeper understanding. In Maths, children are given many opportunities to problem solve and apply to real life situations. They write for a purpose in English, and read a variety of texts whilst developing what they have learned through daily phonics work. Work is planned so that all children are given work that is at their level to ensure they are making the most progress they possibly can.

Have a look below at some of the activities you can do at home. These activities are to encourage your child to continue their learning that we have been doing in school.