Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School

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Who's Who

We have a large staff team at Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School and everyone plays an essential part.


Our team includes; teachers, teaching assistants, admin, cleaners, caretaker, midday supervisors, kitchen staff and governors.


Professionals from other agencies are regularly in school working with children and staff. Agencies include; Behaviour Support Service, SSSEN, Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Children's Services, School Health Team...


We also welcome volunteers and students into school - look out for ID badges if you are unsure of who is who.

Just before you go down the main Infant corridor there is a board with our names and photos displayed.

Headteacher / DSL


Miss Katy Latchford


Deputy Headteacher / SENDCO


Miss Dawson


Family Support Worker / Senior Mental Health Lead / DSL


Mrs Delbridge




Miss Foster (Senior Leader, EYFS Leader)  ROBINS Reception

Mrs Haddon CUBS (Senior Practitioner)

Mrs Bailey BEARS Nursery

Mrs Holmes  RACCOONS Reception

Mrs James RACCOONS Reception (Fridays)


Mrs Gillott (Senior Leader, Computing)  WHALES Reception and Year 1


Miss Bonser  WOODPECKERS Year 1


Mrs Meer WALLABIES Year 1 and Year 2


Miss Stallard (Senior Leader, KS1, English Leader)  TIGERS Year 2

Mrs Bradley-Knight  TAWNY OWLS Year 2

Mrs Adams  TAWNY OWLS Year 2

Mrs Moon TIGERS YEAR 2 and Intervention groups


Mrs Stenson Maths Lead


Admin Team


Mrs Downing - School Business Manager (Senior Leader)

Mrs Wilson - School Office Manager

Mrs Whitby - School Business Assistant / Attendance Officer

Mrs Moore - Administrative Assistant

Learning and Teaching Assistants



Mrs Woodfine

Miss Foster

Mrs Brennan



Miss Burton

Miss Edwards

Mrs Philpot



Mrs Cannon

Ms Bratby

Miss Darkins

Mrs Peat

Mrs Jones-Moody

Mrs Garbett

Mrs Fezovich

Ms Mcnabb 

Mrs Truman

Mrs Hinds

Mrs Hicks

Mrs Marrian

Mrs Taylor 

Miss Barrett


Midday Supervisors


Mrs Henshaw Senior MDS

Miss Barrett Deputy MDS

Mrs Chaluda

Mrs Moorhouse

Mrs Moore

Mrs Collings

Miss Moody

Miss Hallam


Play Leader - Mr Greaves





Mrs Anthony

Mrs Holt

Mrs Moore

Mrs Anthony

Mrs Rigley RELIEF


Site Manager


Mr Slaney




Sabrina Malik - Chair of Governors

Mrs Michelle Mace - Vice Chair

Cllr. Robert Flatley - Local Authority

Mrs Karen Rue - Co-opted

Mrs Rebecca Moore - Parent

Miss K Latchford - Headteacher

Miss K Gillott - Staff

Mrs C Delbridge - Staff - Safeguarding 


Mr R Moore - Clerk to Governors