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Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School

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The Blue Room

Welcome to the Blue Room



What is The Blue Room?


The Blue Room is a dedicated Nurture Group which aims to help children develop confidence, raise their self-esteem and improve social skills. Children are encouraged to express their feelings and to feel special.

Children who have experienced nurture groups tend to feel more confident and are able to cope better with activities in their classroom.


What does Ofsted say about our Nurture Provision?                                                                                                                                                                     

April 2018: 

"The support for pupils’ welfare is a strength of the school. 

The nurture provision is outstanding.

The skilful staff support pupils who would otherwise struggle to access mainstream schooling. They develop pupils’ social and emotional skills exceptionally well."

Who comes to our Blue Room?


Our Blue Room welcomes children from schools across Deryshire as well as children from within our own school.

The Blue Room is a specialist provision and can enable children to access mainstream school, whereas they may have found this an incredible challenge before.

The Blue Room has recently become a traded service. We have worked hard to ensure that the provision is excellent value for money, indeed we are so committed to providing quality nurture that we subsidise Blue Room substantially.

We are fully supported by Derbyshire County Council and their Nurture Team and they use us as an example of excellence in nurture provision.



How does a child join our Blue Room?


If you are a parent / carer then this must happen through your child's current school. 


If you are a school then there are some clear steps to take:


1) Read our WELCOME BOOKLET to ensure we are what you are looking for.

2) If you are still interested read our OVERVIEW document.

3) At this point contact school and we will liaise with you directly - 0115 930 2064.



How do you know what happens each week in Blue Room?


From September 2018, the work that is happening in the Blue Room is on our door at all times for everyone to see. Please have a look each week to find out what has been happening. 

Below are some photo stories that show what happens in our Blue Room:

Easter time 2018

Welcome to the Blue Room...

Second Play...

Working together at circle time

Special events...