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Year 2

This page is designed to show you the topics we have been learning in school and for activities and ideas to support your learning at home further. Experiences throughout our school are play based, and children will be involved in group work led by an adult. As the year progresses, we develop the organisation to include group guided work and independent work.

Topic work is integral to the school day and classes work on English and Maths that are linked to our topics to encourage enjoyment and a deeper understanding.

In Maths, children are given many opportunities to problem solve and apply to real life situations.

They write for a purpose in English and read a variety of texts whilst developing what they have learned through daily phonics work.

Work is planned so that all children are given work that is at their level to ensure they are making the most progress they possibly can.


Have a look below at some of the activities you can do at home. These activities are to encourage your child to continue their learning that we have been doing in school.

Daily Learning at Home

From Monday 15th June we will be putting work on for the whole week on a Monday. It will cover a variety of lessons and of course you will still have access to all the BBC bite size links and maths resources we link to each day.

We would love you to send your photos of any work done or things you are getting up to at home so please email us on: 

We will upload links every day for you to use for your home learning. You can do as much or as little as you like from the links and in any order. Have fun and enjoy!

A huge 'shout out' to Coby-Jay, Jacqui, Mason and Sofia for the photos of their activities and lovely work. More photos coming later!

Work for the week beginning 29.6.20. Maths will be submitted separately this week.

Work for the week beginning 29.6.20. Maths will be submitted separately this week. 1


Week beginning June 29th – Maths measuring activities.


Fluency – number facts

Practise for 15 minutes each day.


Count forwards and backwards in 2s 5s 10s and 3s.
Number bonds to 10,20,30

Multiplication 2x 5x 10x 3x
Purple mash 2Simple Table Toons



White Rose Maths

Home Learning – Year 2. Maths lessons online.


White Rose Maths

Home Learning – Year 2. Maths lessons online.



White Rose Maths

Home Learning – Year 2.




White Rose Maths

Home Learning – Year 2.


Have a go 😊 and

send some

photos to


Week beginning 22nd June-please find activities for this week

Week beginning 15th June

Thursday 11th June

Can you use the code below?

The emojis represent different numbers?


heart    = 1




         smiley  = 5


devil = 2



                     yes    = 10


         kiss   = 3



                     cool    = 20

Remember your different calculations + - x ÷ and work out the answers.


smiley + smiley + smiley =                         cool -  heart   =


yes  x   kiss  =                            yes ÷ devil =


Make up your own questions.


Can you make your own code? Write what the code means and then write some of your own questions.


Don’t forget to mail me your photos at



Wednesday 10th June

Today we would like you to think about your favourite character in a story you have read. Can you write a description of that character? Remember to describe what they look like, what they can do and their personality. 

Write a letter to one of the characters in your story.  Tell them about yourself. Remember to start with Dear….



Tuesday 9th June

Good morning. We have a problem to solve today.

Marvin the Magic Maths Mouse is in trouble!


But now Smudge has gone.

I built a staircase so that Marvin could get down and escape yes

Can you rescue one of your teddies or dolls?

Use boxes or building blocks to make your staircase.

How many boxes did you need? Can you make a staircase with fewer or more boxes? How many fewer or more?

Please send me photos of you being a Super Hero and rescuing your toys!


Monday 8th June

Think about something you are good at doing. It might be a forward roll.  It might be a special dance routine.  It might be brushing your teeth.  It might be making cornflakes for breakfast!
Imagine you had to teach someone else to do it.  You would need to write a set of instructions. 
Remember instructions need an underlined title, a ‘you will need list’ and a set of numbered command sentences.  
Write your instructions and give them to someone in your house to read and follow.

Are your instructions set out neatly?  
Are they in the correct order?
Are they easy to follow?



Remember to mail me any photos at


Have fun and keep learning 😊

Friday June 5th.

Good morning Y2 children. Time for another maths challenge.

You will need a ruler with 20 cm marked on it.



Hunt around your house and find 10 things longer than 20cm.

Now can you find 10 things shorter than 20cm.

Can you find things that measure between 10cm and 20cm in length?

Can you find things that are between 1cm and 10cm in length?

Collect 5 pens or pencils and put them in order of height. Sit them on a line and measure them.

Remember some things may not measure exactly on a cm line and so you will have to put ½ cm.


Can you represent a counting pattern? Sit things on a line that show the ‘2’s (2cm 4cm 6cm 8cm 10cm 12cm).

Try to find things to represent the 3s, 5s and 10s count patterns.

Thursday 4th June


Well done to those who tried yesterdays mathematics challenge, we are really proud of you. Today is something linked to TV-so you actually get to watch TV and do a little report on it!


Think about a television programme or a film that you have enjoyed watching recently. Draw a picture of it.

Now you are going to write about it.

You will need a title (the name of the film / programme) with a capital letter.

You will need to write about the characters or presenters.

You will need to write about the setting – the place where the action happens.

Did you learn anything new by watching it?

What was your favourite part?

Would you recommend it to a friend? How many stars out of 5 would you give it?


Wednesday June 3rd.

Good morning Y2 children. Time to practise our calculation skills.


Choose a 2-digit number


      12          16      


20          24       28


 Draw your number in 10s and 1s




Can you think of lots of addition number sentences totalling your number?


You can draw 10s and 1s to help you. You can follow a systematic pattern to find lots of ways.


Can you write some subtraction number sentences totalling your number?


You can draw 10s and 1s to help you. You can follow a systematic pattern to find lots of ways.


Can you write some multiplications for your number?


Remember you can write x sentences, repeated addition or draw arrays.


Can you write some division number sentences? Try ÷2 ÷3 ÷4 ÷5


Remember you can check by grouping or sharing.

Can you think of any fractions that uses your number?


½  ¼ ¾  1/3

Have a go 😊 and send me some photos of your calculations at



Look later to find my calculations for number 30!

Here are my calculations totalling and using the number 30.

Can you find some more?

Tuesday 2nd June


This term our topic is all about our world. What we would like you to do today is to think about one place in the world you would like to go? Where would you like to go? How would you get there? Who would go with you? What would you want to see? Can you write a small piece of writing all about the place you would like to go remembering punctuation, interesting adjectives and persuade me to want to visit there too

If you are not sure of where you would like to travel why not have a look at the internet with your grownup and look at places on a map that you would like to find more information about. 

Monday June 1st.


Good morning Y2 children. Welcome to Term 6.

Time for ‘MoneySense Mondays’ with the NatWest bank.



Don’t forget to mail me your photos at

Check out these websites for more fun learning.


Half term activities


Thursday 21st May.

Good morning Y2 Mathematicians.

Today we have some problem-solving challenges.

What is the largest number you can make? Smallest? Why can’t the zero be used as a 10s number?



You can find lots more problems if you visit White Rose Maths Home learning pages.


Don’t forget to mail me your photos at

Check out these websites for more fun learning.



Wednesday 20th May


Think about what your dream pet would be.  
Write a letter to your parents asking for your pet.
Remember to explain what you will need to look after it, how you will take care of it and why it would be a good pet. 

Remember to start your letter with Dear…  write who the letter is from at the end. 


Tuesday 19th May.

Good morning Y2 Mathematicians.

Did you watch ‘MoneySense Mondays’ with the NatWest bank yesterday?

Trudi and James were talking about how to keep your money safe.

You could play the following game from the website.


Today’s challenge is to start saving!


Draw a piggy bank.


Choose from the coins below


Write a number sentence to show how much you have.



You are given 10p. Add it to your piggy bank and write the new number sentence.



Keep going and build your savings.


smiley    yes

Can you add a note?

Use your piggy bank to answer the questions below.


Can you buy a football for 30p? How much money do you have left?

Have you enough money for an ice cream at 20p? How much is left now or how much more do you need to buy it?

Make up your own questions and spend your money wisely!


Don’t forget to mail me your photos at

Monday 18th May



If you could have any pet in the world what would it be?
 You can really use your imagination!  You might like the idea of a pet dragon or an enormous shark.  You might love to look after a mermaid or a unicorn.

Draw and label your dream pet and remember to draw what you will need to care for it. 



Also check out the gallery to see Coby-Jay’s volcano experiment.

Wow – well done Coby-Jay!

Now it is time for ‘MoneySense Mondays’ with the NatWest bank.



Don’t forget to mail me your photos at

Friday 15th May.


Good morning Y2 Mathematicians. Time for some ‘Double trouble’!

Practise your doubles with someone in your family and try to learn them off by heart.


You could play ‘pairs’.

  1. Cut some paper into squares and write the numbers 0 to 10 several times.
  2. Turn the squares over so that you can’t see the numbers and spread them out.
  3. Take turns with people in your family to turn over 2 squares.  If the numbers are the same find the answer to the double, keep them and have another go.
  4. If they are not a double put them back and it is the next players turn.
  5. The winner is the person with the most doubles at the end. Good luck!


Now have a go at the challenges below.

Can you calculate big doubles?

12 + 12 =     24 + 24  =       41 + 41 =    122 + 122 =

Remember to draw 10s and 1s if you can’t do this in your head.


Don’t forget to mail me your photos at


Check out these websites for more fun learning.


Thursday 14th May


Good morning to all the Year 2 mathematicians.

A big 'shout out' to Mason for playing Card Shark at home, and beating the adults finding the number bonds to 10!

Today we would like you to do some classifying and sorting. We would like you to find out which chocolate bar is the most popular in your family. So first you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. 
Draw yourself a grid like this: 

Chocolate bar  number of people 


Then you need to think of up to 4 chocolate bars and write them in the boxes 

Chocolate bar number of people
Twirl llll
Kit Kat l
Boost l


Your next challenge is to ask everyone in your house what their favourite one is? You could phone a family member in another house with you parents permission, and ask them too or a neighbour over the fence. To display your results use the number l. Keep a tally and find out which one is the most popular. In my house it was twirl. I rang my mum and dad and they chose too but still the most popular bar was a twirl. 
Don’t forget send us any pictures of your work to:

Wednesday 13th May


Imagine you could make yourself as small as a minibeast in the garden.

Which animals would you like to meet?  

What would you ask them?  

Write your questions into a speech bubble and remember to use a capital letter and a question mark. 


Tuesday 12th May.

Good morning Y2 Mathematicians. Time to practise some number facts.

Let’s start with number bonds to 10 and 20 and 100.



Choose a set of facts and play ‘pairs’.

Pairs to 10.

  1. Cut some paper into squares and write on the numbers 0 to 10 several times.
  2. Turn the squares over so that you can’t see the numbers and spread them out.
  3. Take turns with people in your family to turn over 2 squares.  If the 2 numbers make a bond to 10, like 3 and 7,  keep them and have another go.
  4. If they do not make 10 put them back and it is the next players turn.
  5. The winner is the person with the most bonds at the end. Good luck!


Now have a go with the bonds to 20 and 100.


Don’t forget to mail me your photos at


Monday 11th May


Using what you did last time – what you need to look after your pet – write a list of instructions for how to look after a ……..


Remember you will need a title, a ‘you will need’ list, numbers and command sentences.


Think about food and drink, exercise, shelter, rest and entertainment.


Imagine that you were telling Miss Latchford what she would need to do if she wanted to get a pet.

Remember to read it back at the end to check it makes sense. 



Thursday 7th May.


Lovely weather today Y2 Mathematicians. Let’s do some water play and capacity and volume work.

You will need some of the things below

  • A paddling pool with water
  • Or a bowl of water
  • Lots of different sized containers
  • A measuring jug showing millilitres


Remember – The capacity of a container is how much it can hold when full to the top.

The volume is how much it holds exactly when you part fill it.

We measure capacity in ml (millilitres) and L (litres). 1000 ml is equivalent to 1 Litre.


Now have a play and choose some activities from below.

  1. Put some containers in order of their capacity from most to least.
  2. Can you fill containers to the top? Then pour the water into a measuring jug to find out how many ml they hold exactly?
  3. Can you find 2 differently shaped containers with equivalent capacity?
  4. Use the measuring jug to fill containers with exact volumes such as 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml or even 1000 ml.


Don’t forget to mail me your photos at

Check out these websites for more fun learning.




Wednesday 6th May 

 Choose a pet that you know about. 

Think about what that animal needs to be looked after properly.

Think about food and drink, exercise, shelter, rest and entertainment.

Draw and label the things you would need to look after the pet you have chosen.



Tuesday 5th May.

Hello again Y2 Mathematicians. Did you get chance to join in with the lesson from MoneySense yesterday? If not, you can catch a repeat on YouTube. It was about why you save money and how to do this.



Trudi suggested some tasks for you.

  1. Design your own piggy bank.
  2. Play games at – Try ‘Super Savers!’



Don’t forget to mail me your photos at

MoneySense Mondays!

Year 2 mathematicians can you remember when Emma came to our classes from the NatWest Bank. She visited each class and helped us with a workshop about 'How we use money'.

Well every Monday interactive lessons will be broadcast live on the NatWest Facebook page. At 10 o'clock to half past 10 you and your parents can watch and learn together. Have fun!




Monday 4th May


Have you got a pet?  Has someone in your family got a pet?  Make a list of as many pets as you can think of.

Then put your list into alphabetical order.

It might be helpful to write the alphabet out on a separate piece of paper.  Remember all of the pets beginning with A come first, then B, then C and so on. 

Draw a picture to match each pet on your list. 


To send us anything you have been doing or any questions, please email us on:

Friday 1st May


Today we would like you to design a mug for the Royal Crown Derby, make a mug, make a difference competition. 
To enter the competition and find out what you need to do, please click on the link below. You will need to download an entry form but if you need any help printing just let us know by email. Even if you do not submit your entry we would love to see your mug designs. Have fun! 



From the makers of PLAYMOBIL: ROBert explains the corona virus to children. 

A useful book all about the Coronavirus for children. 


A story to share about social distancing.

Thursday 30th April

Good morning everyone. The challenge today is all about pet food shopping.

I have run out of cat food for Smudge. I can spend £1 per day.

Buy some tasty things for her. You could plan her £1 menu just for today or for a whole week.

Dry biscuits 30p


Tuna pouch 25p


Chicken cake 50p

Tasty sticks 10p


Chocolate mice 20p

Cat milk 25p

Smudge says thank you very much – meow!

Don’t forget to mail me your photos at


Wednesday 29th April


Today we would like you to look out of a window in your house.  Can you draw or paint what you can see out of your window. Think carefully about shapes, patterns and colours.

You could write down what you can see using good adjectives and noun phrases. Remember to write in sentences with capitals and full stops


Tuesday 28th April

Hello again Y2 Mathematicians. Are you ready to collect some data?

The challenge is to collect some information about the streets where you live next time you are out walking with an adult.

Make a table of the things you may see. You can add anything you want to.





Street signs




Litter bins








Post boxes




Road crossings








Other things





Ask and answer questions about your data. Here are some examples.

  • Which objects were there most of?
  • Which were least?
  • How many more street signs than litter bins did you see?

Don’t forget to mail me your photos at

Monday 27th April

Good morning to all our Y2 children.

Remember to check the websites and choose some activities to complete today.

I am looking forwards to seeing some of your work.


Email photos to



Did you have any Easter eggs?  Which did you like best?  Create your own design for the World’s Best Easter Egg ready for next year.  You will need a picture of what it looks like on the inside and a picture of the packaging.  Remember to make it exciting and colourful.


Write a description of what it looks like / feels like / tastes like and smells like.    Include what ingredients you would use – you might like to use popping candy, marshmallows, fudge, jelly, fruit, nuts or anything else delicious!

Friday 24th April
Thursday 23rd April 

Are you ready Y2 Mathematicians? It is Even and Odd number puzzle day 😊

Can you work out the answers to these puzzles? If you made a number line on Tuesday that will help you.       Some puzzles can have more than one possible answer.

Remember even numbers are numbers ending with the digits 0 2 4 6 8

Odd numbers are numbers ending with the digits 1 3 5 7 9



I am thinking of an even number. It is more than 10 but less than 14.

What number must this be?



Think of an odd number that is more than 21 and less than 29. Can you find another? Can you find them all?

How many are there?



Miss.Stallard thinks of a number.

It is an even number.

It is between 20 and 25.

It has two identical digits.

What is her number?



Miss.Hewitt thinks of a number.

It is an odd number.

It is between 31 and 37.

It has two different digits.

What must her number be?


Can you write your own number puzzles?

Try and give 2 or more clues for each question.

Have a go 😊 and send me some photos of your answers or your own puzzles for others to solve at


Remember to look at the following websites each day for learning activities to choose from for Maths, English and Topic.

Oak National Trust         

Classroom Secrets       

BBC Bitesize

Wednesday 22nd April 

Yesterday’s challenge was amazing I hope you all enjoyed completing it. If you haven’t had a go already, have a look at Tuesday’s maths challenge.
Today I would like you to go on a minibeast hunt in your garden and find some mini beasts. Can you look at the minibeast and try to draw it on a piece of paper. Where might it’s habitat (home) be? What might it eat? How could you find out about what it eats? Don’t forget to email us any work you complete, we love to see it. 

Tuesday 21st April

Hello again Y2 Mathematicians.

Did you check out the maths learning yesterday on BBC Bitesize and Classroom Secrets? It was all about finding 1 more and 1 less.

Today’s challenge is to make your own number line to help you answer ‘more’ and ‘less’ questions.

Get some paper and cut it into strips.


Write numbers from 0 to 10 in order.



Can you make another number line with 11 to 20? Can you stick paper together to make a giant number line from 0 to 100?



Now find a penny coin and use your number line for counting on → and back ←

Can you challenge someone in your family to throw the counter to land on a number you say like 16?



Can you ask some tricky questions? Use your number line to find the answers.


What is 2 more than 14?

            What is 3 less than 30?

            How many more is 24 than 21?


Have a go 😊 and send me some photos of your number lines at




Monday 20th April 


We would love to hear all about your Easter holiday and what you got up to over the break. Please could you write a recount of your holiday and use time connectives to explain what you did and when, for example On Monday I played in me garden with my brother and we built a den. After that we had our lunch in our den with my mum. Remember punctuation and word choice. Could you include some adjectives to improve your sentences and check your work for phoneme choice. Don't forget to email your work to, anything you do we would love to see and share on this page. 

Other learning challenges from some fabulous websites.

Friday 3rd April

Last day before your Easter holidays. We have another fractions challenge.

Easter Egg fractions challenges.

Draw some Easter Eggs.


Colour some as whole eggs.



Can you colour some in halves? Remember to use a vertical line so each part is equivalent. Also make sure the patterns match and are symmetrical.

How many whole eggs and how many halves have you?

Can you use some half eggs to help you count in halves?                                                                

    ½            1             1 ½              2               2 ½              3       


Ask your parents to hard boil some eggs.

When they are cool use felt tip pens or paint to make fraction and symmetrical patterns.


There are lots of games to play on the websites so check some out.  password  UKTWINKLHELPS  and search ‘Easter’ and search ‘Easter’ 

Happy Easter everyone and I will post more Maths challenges after the holidays 😊

From Mrs.Stenson.

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everyone. Are you ready for another challenge?


Time challenges 2 -

1 hour = 60 minutes     1 minute = 60 seconds 

Keep a diary for today about keeping clean and healthy.

You will need a timer for some of the tasks.         

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes. How many seconds is that? 60 + 60 = ?

How many seconds when you brush morning and night? Remember you can draw tens to help you and doubling skills.

Time yourself washing your hands for 20 seconds. How many times have you done this today? How many seconds is this altogether? Write this as a repeated addition sentence.

Bath or shower time. How many minutes did this take?

How long have you spent exercising today? You may need to use hours and minutes.

How long have you spent playing today? Again, use hours and minutes if you need to.

How much time has you spent altogether on handwashing, teeth cleaning and bathing?

Write …+…+…+ =    Draw tens and ones to help you work out the answer.

Good luck and thank you for joining in

From Mrs.Stenson.

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Tawny Owls.

No maths challenge today…… only joking! April fools!


Time challenges 1.

1 minute = 60 seconds      ½ minute = 30 seconds      ¼ minute = 15 seconds.

I have been joining in with Joe Wick’s early morning workouts. Have you?

Can you design a workout to last for 5 minutes? You will need to write it down.

You could do 5 exercises for 1 minute each.

You could do 10 exercises for 30 seconds each.

You could do 20 exercises for 15 seconds each.

Can you make a tricky workout with some exercises for 1 minute, some for 30 seconds and some for 15 seconds?

You will need to try out your workout and use a timer. Good luck and have fun keeping active!

From Mrs.Stenson.


Tuesday 31st March 2020.


Good morning again Y2 ‘Super Mathematicians’.

Watch the video and find out what the mystery question was for yesterday.


The big reveal!

Still image for this video


‘Mystery Question’ challenge 2.


Your challenge today is to write a mystery question and answer for yourself. Can someone in your family write some possible questions for you to be the teacher and check?

Remember to check as some questions may not match your answer!


ü the correct questions below and  x  the incorrect questions.

15 + 10 = 25                        30 -5 = 25                    35 – 9 = 25                   30 – 2 – 3 = 25        5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 25


Good luck and have fun today.

From Mrs.Stenson.

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning Y2 children. Let’s get those maths brains working 😊


Mystery question challenge 1.

Look at the image of the envelope. The number you see on the front is the answer. What could the question be?

It could be ‘What is 20 add 5?’, or ‘What number is represented by two Numicon 10 shapes and a 5 shape?’

Can you think of 5 different questions or even more? There are lots of possible answers.

You could draw 25 in tens and ones to help you.

Mail some to me and check on the website tomorrow to find what the mystery question is.

Good luck!

From Mrs.Stenson.