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Tawny Owls

This page is designed to show you the topics we have been learning in school and for activities and ideas to support your learning at home further. Experiences throughout our school are play based, and children will be involved in group work led by an adult. As the year progresses, we develop the organisation to include group guided work and independent work.

Topic work is integral to the school day and classes work on English and Maths that are linked to our topics to encourage enjoyment and a deeper understanding.

In Maths, children are given many opportunities to problem solve and apply to real life situations.

They write for a purpose in English and read a variety of texts whilst developing what they have learned through daily phonics work.

Work is planned so that all children are given work that is at their level to ensure they are making the most progress they possibly can.


Have a look below at some of the activities you can do at home. These activities are to encourage your child to continue their learning that we have been doing in school.

To send me anything you have been doing or any questions, please email me on the class page:

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning Y2 children. Let’s get those maths brains working 😊


Mystery question challenge 1.

Look at the image of the envelope. The number you see on the front is the answer. What could the question be?

It could be ‘What is 20 add 5?’, or ‘What number is represented by two Numicon 10 shapes and a 5 shape?’

Can you think of 5 different questions or even more? There are lots of possible answers.

You could draw 25 in tens and ones to help you.

Mail some to me and check on the website tomorrow to find what the mystery question is.

Good luck!

From Mrs.Stenson.



Tuesday 31st March 2020.


Good morning again Y2 ‘Super Mathematicians’.

Watch the video and find out what the mystery question was for yesterday.


The big reveal!

Still image for this video


‘Mystery Question’ challenge 2.


Your challenge today is to write a mystery question and answer for yourself. Can someone in your family write some possible questions for you to be the teacher and check?

Remember to check as some questions may not match your answer!


ü the correct questions below and  x  the incorrect questions.

15 + 10 = 25                        30 -5 = 25                    35 – 9 = 25                   30 – 2 – 3 = 25        5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 25


Good luck and have fun today.

From Mrs.Stenson.

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Tawny Owls.

No maths challenge today…… only joking! April fools!


Time challenges 1.

1 minute = 60 seconds      ½ minute = 30 seconds      ¼ minute = 15 seconds.

I have been joining in with Joe Wick’s early morning workouts. Have you?

Can you design a workout to last for 5 minutes? You will need to write it down.

You could do 5 exercises for 1 minute each.

You could do 10 exercises for 30 seconds each.

You could do 20 exercises for 15 seconds each.

Can you make a tricky workout with some exercises for 1 minute, some for 30 seconds and some for 15 seconds?

You will need to try out your workout and use a timer. Good luck and have fun keeping active!

From Mrs.Stenson.

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everyone. Are you ready for another challenge?


Time challenges 2 -

1 hour = 60 minutes     1 minute = 60 seconds 

Keep a diary for today about keeping clean and healthy.

You will need a timer for some of the tasks.         

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes. How many seconds is that? 60 + 60 = ?

How many seconds when you brush morning and night? Remember you can draw tens to help you and doubling skills.

Time yourself washing your hands for 20 seconds. How many times have you done this today? How many seconds is this altogether? Write this as a repeated addition sentence.

Bath or shower time. How many minutes did this take?

How long have you spent exercising today? You may need to use hours and minutes.

How long have you spent playing today? Again, use hours and minutes if you need to.

How much time has you spent altogether on handwashing, teeth cleaning and bathing?

Write …+…+…+ =    Draw tens and ones to help you work out the answer.

Good luck and thank you for joining in

From Mrs.Stenson.

Friday 3rd April

Last day before your Easter holidays. We have another fractions challenge.

Easter Egg fractions challenges.

Draw some Easter Eggs.


Colour some as whole eggs.



Can you colour some in halves? Remember to use a vertical line so each part is equivalent. Also make sure the patterns match and are symmetrical.

How many whole eggs and how many halves have you?

Can you use some half eggs to help you count in halves?                                                                

    ½            1             1 ½              2               2 ½              3       


Ask your parents to hard boil some eggs.

When they are cool use felt tip pens or paint to make fraction and symmetrical patterns.


There are lots of games to play on the websites so check some out.  password  UKTWINKLHELPS  and search ‘Easter’ and search ‘Easter’ 

Happy Easter everyone and I will post more Maths challenges after the holidays 😊

From Mrs.Stenson.