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This term is all about survival. We will be reading the story of Robinson Crusoe to track back in time and find out how to survive on a deserted island. We learn about how animals and explorers survive extreme conditions. We will be thinking about being fit, healthy foods, classifying food groups, fair testing, drugs and medicines and the dangers associated with these. Part of our topic teaches us how to make a shelter which would protect us. In Geography we look at the different continents and where the equator is.


Do you think you have what it takes to survive on a deserted island? After this topic you will!


Homework challenge: Can you complete one of these challenges at home and bring into school to show your class teacher?


  •  Draw or paint a picture of a place you'd like to try to survive on. It could be a desert, rainforest, island or Arctic area.
  • Draw a map of an island and mark where you would find water, food and shelter.
  • Design an outfit to protect you from sun, rain or snow.



  • Design a leaflet about how to survive on a deserted island.
  • Write a short story with a beginning, middle and end about a survival adventure


  • Keep a chart about the weather over the period of a week. Can you create a graph to show the most frequent sort of weather?


Some useful places for you to visit online to research yourself.