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Summer Term 5 - April - May

Summer Term 5

April - May



This week at Cubs we have enjoyed listening to the story 'Pirates love underpants!'


We had fun playing with the pirate ships and finding the treasure in the sand. We made our own telescopes and did fantastic counting as we printed the coins into the treasure chests.

Noah’s Ark 


The children have enjoyed the story Noah’s Ark. They printed animals into their Arks, made some fantastic Arks with the bricks using this soft animals to retell the story. 
They loved exploring  floating and sinking.



The children have enjoyed learning the names of vehicles and making the different sounds they make ‘beep beep’ ‘choo choo’ ‘chug chug’ ‘neeeeooooww’.

They listened to the stories Clickerty Clack and We all go travelling by.