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Phase 3 phonemes

Consider practicing the sound as often as possible, as Letters and Sounds (phonics) was carried out daily in school.

The sound of the week is ...

 This is the digraph ai. (2 letters that make 1 sound).

Try saying it in a silly voice: a baby

a giant

a whisper

shout it

a princess

a robot...

any you can think of.


Can you read the ai words below? 


rain wait snail train
paint nail paid brain


You could write them on pieces of paper and play games with them.


Can you read them in the sentences below?


The rain did not stop.
We will wait for a bus.
The snail is in the rain.
My cat has a long tail.
I will paint my nails.


  • rain
  • wait
  • tail
  • paid

HFW spellings

  • what 
  • when


Practice writing them in sentences.

You could pick a word and write it in a sentence. 

Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces, and full stops!


You can play a phonics game here...