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oi sound

The sound is ...

This is the digraph oi. (2 letters that make 1 sound).


Try saying it in a silly voice: a baby

a giant

a whisper

shout it

a princess

a robot...

any you can think of.

Can you read the oi words below?

oil soil coin foil
poin​​​​​​t​ join boil toilet

You could write them on pieces of paper and play games with them.

Can you read them in the sentences below?

The car needs oil in it.
Can you point to it?
Put the soil in the pot.
put the coithe till.
Put it in the foil.


  • oil
  • coi
  • foil
  • boil
  • join
  • point

 HFW spellings

  • went
  • from

Practice writing them in sentences.

You could pick a word and write it in a sentence. 

Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces, and full stops!

The worksheets do not have to be printed out they can be shown on screen and the children could write the words and draw the pictures onto a separate piece of paper. The games can also just be shown on screen and played.