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What to do if your child is poorly...

If your child is unwell and will not be coming in to school, you will need to contact us to let us know that your child will not be in, each day they are absent. 

Please contact us by 9am on the day of absence.

If you are not sure whether to bring your child in, ask us and we will advise you. If your child is unwell in school we will always phone you to come and collect them.

Schools use Public Health England guidelines. Here are some of the recommendations. You can also click on the link below to see the full guidance.

Vomiting and/or diarrhoea:  Children should be kept off school for 48 hours following the last incidence of vomiting or diarrhoea.
Chickenpox: Children should be kept off school until all blisters have crusted over.
Impetigo:  Children should be kept off school until lesions are crusted and healed or 48 hours after starting antibiotics.
Head Lice:  Treatment is needed where live lice / eggs have been seen. Children do not need to be kept off school. Treat their hair and bring them in.
Conjunctivitis:  Ask a pharmacist for advice and then children can come straight back into school.
Threadworms:  As soon as children have been treated, they can come back to school.