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Talk PANTS - the N.S.P.C.C. underwear rule

We use the PANTS rule throughout school to learn about staying safe.

Children will learn about it in class and also be part of 2 assemblies every year.

Talk PANTS - N.S.P.C.C.


The NSPCC have developed a series of

materials to support their PANTS

policy for children.

These materials will be used at Cotmanhay

Infants to help your children to develop

strategies for keeping safe.

These strategies are aimed at very

young children, they can be used at

home and at school.

PANTS stands for...


• Privates are private
• Always remember your body belongs
to you
• No means no
• Talk about secrets that upset you
• Speak up, someone can help




@ Cotmanhay we will...

deal with FOUR main issues:


* “appropriate” and “inappropriate”


* every child’s right to say no to things

that make them feel upset or


* naming parts of the body

*who your child can turn to if they ever

feel upset or worried.