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Summer Term 5 - April - May

Summer Term 5

April - May

Week 1

This week we have introduced the topic of journeys. The children have been exploring maps and using lots of lovely language to describe their journeys from home to nursery. They have also worked in groups to create maps of nursery. Click through the gallery below to see their fantastic work.

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Week 2

This week the children have been looking at different types of vehicles. They have created some lovely paintings of cars, boats, aeroplanes and trains and have been sorting vehicles by where they travel, on land, water or in the air. We have also been using our counting skills to print and count sets of vehicles. Also this week we have investigated how far vehicles travel down a ramp and measured the length travelled using the large cubes. 

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Week 3

This week the children have enjoyed listening to The Train Ride. They have used the small world story toys to create their own train stories which were lovely to hear. We have also been making marks about the story and painting pictures of our favourite parts. We have used our imaginations to recreate the story and enjoyed lots of different activities linked to train journeys. 

Week 4

The children have expanded their journeys topic this week and moved on to journeys into space and we read the story Whatever Next! The children really enjoyed this story and loved using the large boxes and colanders to retell the story and create their own imaginative journeys. During the week the children have created some fantastic rocket pictures using shapes, printed and counted sets of stars and painted their favourite part of the story. We also made some delicious healthy sandwiches for our picnic on the moon! 


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