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Spring Term 4 - February - April

Spring Term 4

February - April


Week 1 and 2

Our focus for the first two weeks this term has been about the farm. We have enjoyed listening to the stories Farmer Duck, Oh Dear! and Noisy Farm. We have created our own stories using the small world farm toys and used our mark making skills to write about the farm. The children have engaged in lots of creative activities such as painting, printing, collage and drawing relating to farm animals and we have been using tens frames, numicon and farm animals to practise our counting skills.    

We also enjoyed celebrating Shrove Tuesday

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March

The children in nursery had so much fun dressing up for World Book Day. We had lots of different characters in nursery for the day including Elsa, The Gruffalo, Mr Tickle, Fantastic Mr Fox, Noddy, Paddington Bear, a Unicorn and many more! The children all received a new book. Happy World Book day everyone 🌍📕🌎

We also enjoyed our book swap event and we were very lucky to have some of our friends from Robins visit nursery to share their reading books with us. 

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Week 3

The children in nursery have been busy planting some seeds. The children could choose to plant a bean or sunflower seed. We carefully planted them in compost to ensure they get some food. We will water them daily and make sure they get lots of natural light. I wonder which seed your child chose to plant? 

Week 4

This week the children have loved our dinosaur theme. At the beginning of the week the children found some very strange eggs in nursery and they came to the conclusion they were Dinosaur eggs!! 🦕 🦖 We read the story Dinosaur Roar, counted and printed sets of dinsoaurs and created dinosaur pictures. We took very good care of the eggs and tried to remain very quiet whilst carrying out our busy jobs. On Friday we had a big surprise when we found that the eggs had disappeared! This led the children to create their very own dinosaur hunt, we looked all around nursery, in the nursery garden and main school, but no eggs or dinosaurs could be found!! The dinosaur hunt was very exciting for all of the children and inspired them to use some amazing lanaguage. 


 Click the Dinosaur Roar link to access some fun dinosaur activities at home. 

Week 5

This week has been very busy in nursery. We have all worked very hard to create a lovely card for the people we love for Mother’s Day. We also joined in with Wear a Hat Day to raise awareness of brain tumours and we loved exploring and using our number skills with the large Numicon. 


Week 6 and 7

Spring time is all about new life and we have experienced this first hand in nursery. We had an incubator delivered with 10 eggs inside. We kept the eggs warm and we had 10 healthy chicks hatch. The children and their families have really enjoyed this experience. It has inspired our children to use some lovely language, create some fantastic art and craft work and use their mark making skills to write a chick diary. All of this brilliant work is displayed in nursery. 


In Bears we have celebrated Easter by holding an Easter parade for our families. The children and their families made and decorated some lovely Easter hats, they all looked amazing!! Happy Easter everyone. Xx

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