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How do our children learn about keeping safe?

Knowing what SAFE means is essential for all children.

At Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School we ensure that understanding about keeping safe is embedded throughout the school day.

We teach it in class, in assembly, at lunchtime, in PE... all the time.

At different times in the year we focus on specific safety themes such as firework safety, water safety, sun safety. 

We invite people in to help us understand how we can stay safe in different ways.

We have this BIG sign in our hall and it helps us think about different types of safety. We often use it in our assembly time...

Some of the things we do:

  • We make posters, enter competitions and sing songs about being safe.
  • Regular assemblies linked to different aspects of safety.
  • Class sessions built into the curriculum that introduce and then build on the children understanding about different aspects of safety - from the age of 2.
  • Links with other organisations to promote safety - for example the NSPCC.
  • Visitors come into school to speak to the children about safety - for example the Road Safety Officer at Derbyshire County Council.
  • Our children are part of the Smokefree Derbyshire School Gates initiative and designed signs for the outside of school.
  • We have some big signs on the car park showing people how to be safe by roads. We designed them and a local company, A W Lymn, sponsored them.
  • The SCHOOL COUNCIL help keep the school safe in lots of different ways.




This is an programme created by the NSPCC.

The Speak out Stay safe programme helps children at school and at home learn about their rights, what's OK and not OK, and what to do if they're ever worried or scared.

Mrs Delbridge, Miss Latchford and Mrs Lane visit each Year 1 and Year 2 class and deliver these sessions - with the help of Buddy!

This happens once a term.



We use the NSPCC PANTS resources to help children understand about personal safety.



Andy, the Road Safety Officer at DCC, comes into school to help all children find out how to be safe on and near roads.




The Sun Safe Schools programme is a great way of helping children and families understand why we need to be safe in the sun, and how to do this.

Remember, we have a sun cream dispenser on the front playground that anyone can use.

Have a look HERE at the Sun Safe Schools website for more information and competitions.



We have close links with the Ilkeston Fire Service.

They help us know more about being safe in all sorts of ways.