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Cubs Nursery - Spring 3 Jan-Feb

Dinosaur Roar

Click the image above to enjoy this story

*Read or listen to the story Dinosaur Roar. 

*Retell the story and make up actions for each dinosaur in the book - this could be a fun activity to do in the garden, then your little dinosaurs can be very loud too! 

*Create your own dinosaurs - you may wish to draw, paint or collage a dinosaur. You could create 3D models of dinosaurs using old boxes and containers from around the home. Salt dough dinosaurs are fun to make you can then bake them before painting and decorating them.

Click the image above to access

the official Dinosaur Roar website

to access more fun games and activities.

What the Ladybird Heard

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*Play a game of guess the animal. Make an animal sound for your child to guess. Then swap roles so your child makes the animal sound for you to guess. 

*Draw a picture of your favourite animal from the story.