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Cubs Nursery - Autumn 2 Nov-Dec

All About Me

*Use a mirror to explore looking at your child's face. Identify different parts of their face. Ask you child can you find your nose, mouth, eyes?

*Encourage your child to draw or paint self-portraits (pictures of your child's face) encouraging them to remember all of the key features such as eyes, nose, mouth, hair.

*Talk to your child about different emotions and feelings and reassure them that it is ok if we are not always happy. Ask your child what makes them feel happy, excited, sad or cross. You may need to share with your child what makes you feel these different emotions.

*Sing action songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes or If You're Happy and You Know It (clap your hands, stamp your feet, nod your head.)

My Family - Owl Babies


*Look at photographs of members of your family. Name members of your family and talk to your child about the similarities and differences between family members.

*Draw a picture of your family members, encourage your child to add key facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth and hair.