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Maths at Cotmanhay infant and Nursery school.

We aim to provide all our pupils with a broad mathematical education in an enjoyable and relevant way.

In EYFS we use ‘real life’ experiences so that children can begin to understand the importance of applying maths skills in order to solve problems and to engage them in further learning.

In KS1 we are following the National Curriculum 2014. We use a ‘mastery’ approach which deepens understanding of the key concepts. There is a focus upon fluency, problem-solving and reasoning within place value, calculation, measures, geometry and statistics. We employ a variety of methods to support learning ranging from working practically using concrete apparatus, working pictorially using drawings and jottings and working mentally and abstractly.

Throughout all learning opportunities pupils are encouraged to gain confidence in using their ‘Maths talk’ to explain their thinking and the reasoning behind their mathematical choices. This may be to an adult, another child, a small group or the class group.

Pupils are involved in daily mathematical challenges and tasks in addition to their maths lessons.

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Pupils in EYFS showing fluency, reasoning and problem solving

Pupils busy showing their maths fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. We use lots of methods and manipulatives to help us with our learning ๐Ÿ˜Š


Keystage 1 pupils busy showing their fluency and problem solving strategies

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