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Have you ever wondered about what it must be like to live in a different country? Somewhere that only has three seasons in the year? Where they use rickshaws and tuc tuc's to travel about in? Well look no further, this topic is for you.

In this topic you will find out about our world, the continents, oceans and countries. You will learn about the people and places in Cotmanhay and India, comparing lives in a village and city in India with our own lives.  You will develop mapping skills and learn to use grid references! You will be looking at some beautiful Indian art work and making some of our own.  We will be looking at British Values and our role in modern Britain, appreciating similarities and differences between us and others.


Homework challenge: Can you complete one of the following over the term and bring your work into school to show you class teacher. 

  • Write five differences between India and Britain and five similarities use a child safe search engine
  • Look at a piece of Indian artwork and try to create your own piece
  • Compare the rainfall in Britain to that in India and create a chart to show the difference over a week
  • Research an endangered animal and create a poster to help save them
  • Draw round your hand and create a mendhi pattern


Have a look at these websites to research the topic further: