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Fantastic Machines

Here are some Learning Challenges you can complete at home.


Find out about Amelia Earhart and write facts about her. Can you draw a picture of one of the planes she flew in?
Fractions Challenge. Draw around a plate. Can you make equal parts by drawing and cutting? Can you make halves? quarters? thirds? fifths? Good luck!

What are aerodynamic machines shaped like? Can you draw and label an aerodynamic car, plane, train and ship?

Remember Concorde and the Hennessy Venom.

Geometry Challenge. Look around your home and garden and make a list of all the 2d and 3d shapes you can find. 2 d shapes-Can you count the sides and vertices?

3d shapes- How many faces and edges can you count?

Make a ramp using a piece of card from a cereal box and propping it on books. Collect as many toy cars or other vehicles as you can and test them all down the SAME ramp.

Which travels furthest? What is it made of? Do you think that makes a difference? Can you measure how far it travelled in cm or m? 

Money Challenge. Count sets of 2ps, 5ps, 10ps, 20ps and 50ps. Play shops- buy and sell items and give the correct change.
Write a letter to a friend telling them all about what you have learnt in this topic! Who was Amelia Earhart? Which were the record breaking machines from the past? What was special about Concorde? How fast did Flying Scotsman travel? What are the 5 oceans called...can you name them all?
Capacity and Volume Challenges. Play with water and containers. Can you make a container half full? A quarter full? Can you put 4 containers in order of volume?




During this term we will be learning all about fantastic machines…. Ships, cars, trains, spaceships aeroplanes and robots. How they move, how they are built, how fast they travel, amazing record-breaking machines from the past and the modern day!

Find out about famous people who owned record-breaking machines? Who was Donald Campbell? What happened to Amelia Earhart?


Investigate how to make a vehicle move even faster… without pushing or pulling it? Do you know what sort of amazing materials are machines made out of? If you love finding out and investigating this Topic will be for you!


Homework Challenges

Can you design your own fantastic machine? What does it do?

Can you use junk boxes to make an amazing machine?

Can you test your vehicle at home alongside your own toys?

The Titanic