Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School

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Creative Curriculum


At Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School we believe a cross-curricular approach makes learning purposeful.

Each of our topics areas are intended to be broad which allows scope for independent learning by following the children's interests. When appropriate, our topics begin with a hook and end with a great finale to give children the opportunity to present what they have learnt.


We are dedicated to widening the experiences of the children and try to ensure each topic includes trips out and visitors into school to make it as interesting as possible. Outdoor learning remains a key feature of the curriculum. We have a forest school area, an outside story hut and a wildlife garden which all classes have the opportunity to use. The impact of this has been the children's resilience and perseverance in approaching new things shines through, their can do attitude is evident in all lessons. Other facilities to support the children's learning includes a library, a large hall for PE and an outdoor classroom area for the reception classes.  


We always ask our children what they would like to learn at school. We love parents/carers opinions too and we ask that during our questionnaire mornings, you write any suggestions you think children should be learning in school.

We always welcome any ideas that you would like your child to learn in school, so even if it is not a questionnaire morning, please speak to your child's class teacher.

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