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Class photos

When Andy Tooze came to Cotmanhay

Whales had an amazing time visiting Bluebell farm, we even got to pick pumpkins.

PE in the whales

PE in the whales 1
PE in the whales 2
PE in the whales 3
PE in the whales 4
PE in the whales 5
PE in the whales 6
PE in the whales 7
PE in the whales 8
PE in the whales 9

Shadow puppets

Shadow puppets 1
Shadow puppets 2
Shadow puppets 3
Shadow puppets 4
Shadow puppets 5
Shadow puppets 6
Shadow puppets 7

Ice experiment.

Ice experiment. 1 Did coffee melt the ice the quickest?
Ice experiment. 2 Did sugar melt the ice the quickest?
Ice experiment. 3 Did salt melt the ice the quickest?
Ice experiment. 4 Did rice melt the ice the quickest?
We carried out a really fun science experiment. Our baby dinosaurs were trapped in the ice and we needed to free them quickly. We used sugar, salt, coffee and rice in a bowl to see which would help free the dinosaurs the quickest? What do you think we predicted would be the substance that would melt the ice the quickest? To find out the results ask the pupils in the Whales class to tell you!
We love using the computers and iPads and accessing different apps, but all the time think about keeping ourselves safe online. We know and follow the online safety rules and can talk about how to safe online. For further information why not take a look at our online safety page on our website