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In our Castles history topic, we visit a castle to find out about the past. We usually visit Nottingham Castle, but have also visited Bolsover Castle and Tamworth castle.


The children learn about changes to castles over time, from the first motte and bailey castles to concentric castles. They learn key words such as battlement, tower, moat and portcullis and about how castles were defended and attacked with siege weapons.


Part of the topic is about kings and queens, from William the Conqueror and 1066 to Elizabeth 1.

We read traditional stories and legends and focus on the Tales of Robin Hood. This is linked to learning in History, when we use what we have learnt to decide if he was a man or a myth!


Homework Challenges


Can you research facts about castles and write what you have learnt?


Draw a picture of a castle and label all the different parts.


Find out about a kings or queen and draw and write a fact sheet about them. See the teacher to find out which kings and queens we are learning about!


Read some stories about Robin Hood and retell them. You could even make up your own story, using the characters from the tales of Robin Hood.


Design an outfit for living in the woods, like Robin Hood. Think about camouflage and the colours you might wear.




Tawny Owl trip to Tamworth Castle

Our trip to Nottingham Castle