Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School

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Art and Design

Art and Design curriculum 



Pupils are given many opportunities to develop their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture to capture their ideas, experiences and imagination. They explore techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.

Children learn about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers and embrace their work. They become artists and show a can do attitude. 


Design and Technology


Pupils are taught to design, make and evaluate their models and products. They gain technical knowledge of how to make structures stronger and explore simple mechanisms. They have cooking opportunities and talk about how to hand equipment safely and keep safe.


Enrichment Activities 


Children are involved in many enrichment activities linked to Art and Design from the cubs 2 year old nursery right the way through to year 2. In the nursery children are engaged in weekly baking sessions with a visitor in school, we have a cooking club that takes place  throughout the year as well as governors coming it to cook with the older pupils linked to the India topic. We have artists in the community that we invite in to school to work with the children to create different pieces of work that they would not have had experience of otherwise. We currently run construction clubs for pupils and an art club, both of which are well attended. 


ART Key skills/knowledge progression from aged 2 - 7:

DESIGN Key skills/knowledge progression from aged 2 - 7: