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Spring Term 4 - February - March

Spring Term 2

February - March 2016



Week 1 - 22nd-26th February 2016

This week in nursery the children have been reading the story Farmer Duck. They have really enjoyed telling their own stories with the farm small world toys, creating some wonderful farm animal paintings and counting sets of animals.





Week 2 - 29th February - 4th March 2016                                 




The children at nursery have been busy planting their seeds. The children could choose to plant  a bean, tomato or sunflower seed. We are going to care for our seeds and make sure they get lots of natural light and water. I wonder which seed your child chose?    

World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2016


All the children dressed up for World Book Day. We had lots of different characters in nursery for the day including Elsa, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gruffalo, Goldilocks, Spiderman, Batman, Robin Hood, Dorothy and Iron Man. The children all got to take a Kipper book home.


Week 3 - 7th - 11th March 2016

Week 4 - 14th - 18th March 2016



Spring time is all about new life and at nursery we have experienced new life first hand. Farmer Tom delivered an incubator to nursery with 10 eggs inside. We kept the eggs warm and we had 3 healthy chicks hatch. The children have really enjoyed this experience and have produced some lovely work. Have a look at our wonderful display in nursery.

Picture 1 Incubator
Picture 2 Hatching
Picture 3 Brooder