Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School

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Spring term 4



This term is all about the fascinating topic of space. We will be working scientifically to ask simple scientific questions, use simple equipment to make observations, carry out simple tests and suggest what we’ve found out. 

We will be learning about astronauts that have helped us to have better lives (the life of NeilArmstrong/Tim Peake).
The children will be able to explain where they live and tell someone their address. We will be learning to name the four countries of the UK and locate them on a map.

In our Art and Design we will be researching the work of Rashad Alakbarov who uses found objects to make amazing light and shadow pictures. We will describe what we see and give an opinion about the work. We will even try to make our own moon buggies and try to make it move. We will be thinking about how to make our models stronger. 


Homework tasks:

Can you find out about Tim Peake or Neil Armstrong? Either make a video, draw a picture, write a report, make a powerpoint, use purple mash and bring this into school to share with the rest of your class.

Look at different sources of light. How many can you spot in your home?

Paint a picture of your favourite planet.