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Nursery Bears 3 - 4 Years

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Nursery Bears

Brilliant Bears


Each week in Nursery Bears, four children are chosen to take home one of our Brilliant Bears. This is to reward positive behaviours and attitudes in nursery. Each Bear will go home in a special bag with a diary for parents or guardians to record Brilliant Bears visit and a story to share.




We are part of the SMILE4 life project and encourage children to brush their teeth everyday. Staff are fully trained by health professionals. This project aims to promote good oral hygiene routines from an early age and has been shown to improve children's dental health.


All of our children are currently taking part and they each have an individual toothbrush in nursery. As part of the nursery routine the children brush their teeth daily. In order to make this time fun and enjoyable for the children we play a short song for the children to brush their teeth to. To enjoy this song at home click the link below.