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computing club

Welcome to the Computing Club page!


This is a space for pupils and parents to find out more about computing, discover what's going on in school, suggest new ideas and ask questions.

Computing affects many areas of the school curriculum and is integrated into lessons in many different ways. Computing Club is a new initiative that has grown out of the new curriculum aimed at teaching computer science to children. Computers and technology play an increasingly important role in the world and the goal of Computing Club is to teach young people computing skills so they can take a more active interest in technology.


So far children from year 2 attended the Introduction to Minecraft course during the summer term of 2016. As well as learning how to use the Minecraft program, they gained skills including planning, designing, teamwork, as well as how to interact appropriately in the virtual world (Digital Citizenship).

The children designed a house and thought about the suitability of the material for its purpose and also created a garage, an area where they can store objects. There was lots of discussion between the children and they supported one another with how to insert certain items. They all managed to collaborate and found each others homes.


Over the following weeks we buildt a house for their neighbour, a garden, an animal shelter and a tourist attraction. Every week there was a huge emphasis on keeping safe. We would really appreciate your support at home and ask that you speak with your child about how they stay safe with technology and continue to monitor your child while they are accessing games or the internet.


We would love to hear your suggestions, comments and questions. Please email the school at There are no silly questions!


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