Cotmanhay Infant and Nursery School

Celebrate, Inspire, Nurture, Succeed


2018-2019 funding

Funding for the year £17,500

Desired Outcome



Desired Impact

To encourage all pupils to be active at lunchtimes and engage in a variety of physical activity and sports.


To develop the children’s skills in team games and gross motor skills in key stage one.

Employ a Play Leader for lunchtimes to lead sport activities and games.



Play Leader to work with groups 3 afternoons a week to support these needs.


More children seen to be physically active at lunchtimes.

Improved behaviour at lunchtimes.

Increase in results for PE assessments in KS1

Children have access to a variety of sports and the opportunity to develop skills otherwise not available. This will be monitored through intervention tracker grids.

To continue to provide high quality teaching and learning in PE and outdoor physical learning.

Replenish PE resources and order resources to support physical literacy and Maths.


Children receive high quality teaching in PE and outdoor physical literacy and maths and have access to high quality resources.

To improve the amount and variety of PE and sports clubs on offer to the pupils.


To encourage a healthy lifestyle and improve the physical and mental well-being of our pupils.

Booking for three blocks of Relax Kids club which includes yoga, movement and dance, relaxation and mindfulness


Children accessing more clubs than before.


Access to trained coaches and expertise.


Improved physical and mental well-being of pupils. Monitored through children and parent questionnaires.


Booking for three blocks of ballet and Jazz training from an external dance teacher


To encourage a healthy lifestyle and improve the physical and mental well-being of our pupils.

Purchase of the Health Package from Erewash School Sports Partnership



The school has access to expert advice on PE and School Sport. We are part of a cluster of schools that offer networking and support for the PE lead. Membership gives us CPD for staff, curriculum support and after school clubs for our pupils. (This year it is fencing)


Purchase of Infant membership to the Erewash School Sports Partnership


Access to sports they may not have tried before through festivals and coaching.

Staff work alongside trained coaches.

Staff have access to CPD to improve their own knowledge and teaching of PE which makes our PE curriculum more sustainable.

To enable the children to attend and experience sports festivals and competitions with other schools.

To give pupils access to sports and activities they may not have tried before

Pay for transport to take pupils to sports festivals and competitions


More pupils take part in competitions and festivals than in 2017/2018 – register will be kept.





Total - £17,500